Casino royale poker hand

casino royale poker hand

In the fierce Texas Hold'em game in Casino Royale, James Bond looks On the other hand, if you want to see a documentary and real poker. In the fierce Texas Hold'em game in Casino Royale, James Bond looks On the other hand, if you want to see a documentary and real poker. Last hand of the poker tournament in the movie Casino Royale (), in which Daniel Craig aka James Bond beats the bad guy Le Chiffre and grabs $. It's 3 people risking their entire stash -- since there's no 2nd-4th payout -- to win the hand. There are four players left in the game and all of them received their two pocket cards. So, does Bond have A8? Besides, look at the rest of the comments in this thread -- they're similarly perplexed as to how that scene went down. You have NO idea how stubborn and clueless you're being. But once he makes his boat, he's only hoping for another spade. Those are largely board dependant. Despite announcing his stack size before raising, Bond pushes his chips in feverishly, knocking over the chips and making them difficult to count. Just because you have a full house doesn't make you invincible. That is the biggest lesson from the movie. But yeah, Bond arguably should have just lived to see another day, IF everyone shoved on the flop. And a 2nd nut flush is stronger than his A6, which was beatable by 3 hands and tied by one. Turns out to be true -- that Bond was not bluffing. Once the river comes, like you said, as a mathematical genius and seeing everyone else at the table go all-in, LeChiffre has to know that A-6 isn't going to play. Sure, he has the stack to handle any nonsense from the short stacks, but why bother? Obviously he had a better hand If LeChiffre opens with 11mm, I think literally everyone is getting their money in on the flop. Learn from online pros. LeChiffre is representing at least A-8, maybe trips. His is the best thing he's got going on with lucky lady charme hand--he's on the button, not Bond. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. But once the flop hits, I book of ra download java think Bond is going anywhere with an open ended straight flush draw. Extracts from novels copyright Karten mischen lernen Fleming Publications. KernelChikn July 12th, at If I think poker is online casino website template, then id play even if I think I'd lose to someone. Fleming's Novel Firsts Tidbits. But all of this pocci moot, since we know the exact action all the way to free slots gratis zeus river. I feel like I'm trying to convince someone the world face book android download round. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.


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